Kitchen & Bath Trends For 2015


According to a new survey done by the folks at Angie’s List, homeowners are planning for some big remodel projects in 2015. Remodeling and home improvement projects largely fell to the wayside during the recession, and it appears that homeowners are ready to invest in updates again.


More than 1,000 of Angie’s List’s highly-rated remodeling professionals were surveyed and they are predicting that the bathroom will be the #1 home improvement remodel this year, while kitchens will also remain a priority. They are also estimating that the average conusmer is looking for luxury and that the new starting point for a full bathroom renovation will start at around $20,000.


-Forgoing the bathtub in favor of a luxury, walk-in shower

-Tub lovers are opting for a freestanding bathtub in a basin or antique clawfoot style

-Fiberglass is out
-Tile size: 12″x24″ tile was rated most popular
-Wood grain tile made of ceramic or porcelain is increasingly popular, and lower maintenance than hardwoods

-Radiant floor heating goes hand-in-hand with the ceramic tile trend

-Gray is the new neutral

-Consumers are choosing custom cabinetry in the kitchen now, glazed cabinets are also surging

-Stainless steel appliances are still king

-Granite countertops are still the most popular, with consumers also exploring quartz options as well

-BIGGER CLOSETS! Homeowners want bigger closets with more storage and organization

Click here to read the full run-down on Angie’s List, which can be a great resource when you are considering making home renovations.

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